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FAQs About Life at PVHS

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1. What is the difference between Palos Verdes High School and Peninsula?
Both are excellent schools that are recognized nationally. The biggest difference is that Palos Verdes High School is on the block schedule and Peninsula High School is on a traditional bell schedule. Another difference is the size of the school as Peninsula’s enrollment is larger than the enrollment at Palos Verdes High School

2. What is the Block Schedule?
Palos Verdes High School operates on an alternating block schedule. We have “A” days and “B” days. On “A” days students go to periods 1, 2, & 3. On “B” days students go to periods 4, 5, & 6. Class periods are 113 minutes long. Our school days alternate between “A” days and “B” days meaning that a student will go to periods 1, 2, & 3 one day and the next school day they go to periods 4, 5, & 6. The block schedule provides an opportunity for students to increase the breadth and depth of the curriculum being taught.

3. How do I know who my child’s counselor or administrator is?
See the Counseling Staff page – click here.


4. Does Palos Verdes High School offer tutoring?
Palos Verdes High School has zero period tutoring available for math in room 305 each school day. The tutoring is provided by a classroom teacher.

5. What is an AP class?
AP stands for Advanced Placement. This is a class that prepares students for an AP test that is given in the Spring. This is a national test where each student receives a score ranging from 1-5 (5 being the highest) depending on your performance. Some Colleges will give a student College credit if s/he receives a 4 or 5 on an AP test.

6. When should I take the SAT test?
Most students should take the SAT test starting in March of their junior year. Please contact your counselor to obtain a specific answer based on your own student needs.

7. How many Honors and AP courses do you offer?
PVHS offers 29 AP classes and 20 honors classes. PVHS School Profile.

8. What is the Senior Research Project?
The senior project is a research based project that all students complete in senior English. For details please visit our senior project webpage.

9. What kinds of Colleges have your seniors been accepted to in the past few years?Students from PVHS have gotten into many different schools across the nation. For a complete list see the CCC College Acceptances page.

10. What is PVIT?
PVIT (Palos Verdes Institute of Technology) offers pre-College engineering/technology courses while continuing opportunities for competitions, internships, mentoring and research. See the PVIT page.

11. What is PVID?
The PVID, (Palos Verdes International Diploma) program provides a unique opportunity, the only one of its kind in the South Bay, for students to gain additional international education while working towards an supplementary certification that will appear on their diplomas. See the PVID page for details.


12. What should I do if I am absent?
All students absent from a class must have their parents or guardian clear their absence through the attendance office. See Attendance.

13. What happens if I am tardy to a class?
Student will be warned by teacher and may assign consequences and/or refer to administration. Please see Tardy policy for details.

14. What happens if I am truant to a class?
Student will be warned by teacher and may assign consequences and/or refer to administration. Please see Truancy Policy for details.


15. If I would like to try out for a sport what do I need to do?
You must have a physical on file in the nurses’ office to try out for a sports team. You will then go to a scheduled tryout and if you make the team you will be placed into that sports’ athletic period, either 3rd or 6th period. For a list of when tryouts are you can go to the athletic office or read or listen to the daily bulletin.

Clubs and Activities

16. What is ASB?
ASB stands for Associated Student Body and this is comprised of elected officers and appointed officers in a leadership class. Each day this class meets zero period. This group facilitates all the activities happening on campus; from Homecoming to Scholar Quiz, ASB makes all the events happen! More info…

17. How can I get involved in a club?
There are lots of clubs at PVHS to get involved with! Each fall there is a club rush week where students can sign up for a club. Club Rush is at lunch in Senior Park. Simply go to the club’s table, sign up and start going to the meetings! For further information see Mrs. Maxfield in room 241. Clubs

18. What clubs are offered?
PVHS Offers a variety of clubs on campus. These student run organizations cover a variety of topics from politics, to sports to hobbies to academic interests – truly there is something for everyone! For a full list of clubs at PVHS see Clubs under Student Life.

19. Can I make my own club?
Packets for chartering a club go out at the beginning of the school year. You must fill out a packet to start a new club or to renew an existing club. Pick up a packet in Room 301 and be sure you turn it in by the deadline. After that there is a club approval meeting with ASB. As the founder you would come to the meeting, discuss what you would like to do with your club and get approval from ASB to start or renew your club. See Mrs. Maxfield if you have further questions.

20. What is Class Council and how can I get involved?
Each class at PVHS has a Class Council made up of about 30 students. These students help to fundraise and participate in class sponsored events. Class Councils meet twice a month at lunch. In order to be selected for Class Council you have to fill out an application at the beginning of the school year. Applications are available in room 301.


21. What is Live from 205?
Live from 205 is a nationally recognized Broadcast Journalism Program that produces a twice weekly broadcast to the student body at PVHS. Visit for more detailed information.

22. Can I go off campus for lunch?
No, the only students who can leave campus for lunch are seniors who have an off campus pass on their Student ID. See Attendance.

23. Can I pick my own locker?
Yes. Lockers can be chosen on registration day

24. Where do I get a lock?
Locks must be purchased from the Student Store or at registration. Locks bought outside of school can be cut off.

25. How can I see my counselor about a schedule change or if I am having some difficulties?
Each student can see his or her by coming to the counseling office and filling out a “Request to See a Counselor” slip. Once this is filled out place this slip in the counselor’s box and your counselor will call you out of class to meet with you. If you are having an emergency please come to the counseling office and see the receptionist and she will assist you to see your counselor.

26. When do we get report cards?
Semester report cards are mailed home at the end of the first and second semester (late January and mid June) and these are the grades that go on your transcript and comprise your GPA. Quarter report cards are handed out in class in November and April.


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